So What Does Hypnosis Actually Feel Like?

A question many people ask me – What will I feel when I am hypnotized?
The short, perhaps unsatisfactory answer is you will think you are perfectly normal and there’s been no change!
Actually you have probably been hypnotized many times throughout your life. Have you ever driven to work and realized you have almost no recall of the journey? Sat on a bus and day dreamed your way through the traffic?
To most people Hypnosis is a similar state of mind. Despite what you may see on TV or at stage shows people under hypnosis know exactly what they are doing.
In the hectic world in which we live in increasingly people do not have the time or make the time to relax for even five minutes and do nothing.
Perhaps that was one of the main benefits of organized religion, meeting once week in a building, perhaps some back ground music? Candle Smoke and incense drifting towards you? Thinking of nothing? No distractions? Sounds like Hypnosis to me.
A curious effect experienced by many people is the phenomena of time distortion. Many people when asked how long they have been hypnotized for reply “a few minutes” or “hours and hours”.
This ability to get a person to believe that time has slowed down offers many opportunities to use hypnosis to assist with studying or problem solving.
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