Self Hypnosis Technique - The 4 Primary Stages

Everybody has the ability to hypnotize themselves using simple self-hypnosis techniques. It can be helpful in improving their problem solving abilities, better concentration, improved sleep, and much more. Instead of being hypnotized by someone else, in self hypnosis, you do it to yourself using your conscious mind. There is a learning curve of course, but when you master any single self hypnosis technique, you have a powerful tool in your possession forever.
This article is about giving you a basic introduction on the 4 primary stages in any self hypnosis technique.
1. Get Comfortable:
It is important to be as comfortable as possible during the session. So you should preferably wear loose fitting clothes, remove your lenses, find a quiet spot etc. Try and sit next to an open window so that you get some fresh air too.
2. Set a Purpose:
You should now set clear purpose for the session. It could be anything you want. Like I said earlier, a few examples are better concentration, improved sleep, etc.
3. Set a Time:
Set a time limit for yourself, and make sure that you will not get disturbed during the session. Getting disturbed can not really cause any harm, it is just that it is quite uncomfortable. You can compare it to getting disturbed while sleeping.
4. Start the Induction:
There are many different kinds of inductions which you can use. This step always starts by first relaxing yourself. The next part is when the suggestions are sent deep into your subconscious mind.
So now you have a general idea of how the self hypnosis works. I would suggest that you also look into hypnosis recordings to get a better idea of self hypnosis techniques.
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