Get Rid of Jealousy with Hypnosis

Do you find yourself sneakily checking your partner’s phone or mail? Are you forever questioning your loved one on their whereabouts, even if they have just been to the local shop? Do you find yourself tormented by thoughts of your lover with someone else? Well if you do then you will understand just how savage your jealousy can be towards your relationship and how it can take its toll on your partner as well as yourself. Jealousy and insecurity are two massive problems facing our modern day culture and if you are a victim then you are not alone as they are two of the biggest reasons for relationship break-ups and divorce today!
Hello I am hypnotherapist and author of Self Change Hypnosis, Richard MacKenzie and for the past several years I have helped thousands of couples with overcoming jealousy, both through my private hypnotherapy practice and through my products and book. When I first approach the topic of using hypnosis to combat jealousy, people seem a bit puzzled; however it is the ‘common-sense’ approach – what with its speed and efficiency. In fact these same people are very often amazed when they get the results that they yearn for.
While in Hypnosis you will learn to ultimately re-program the part of the brain that is referred to as your sub- conscious or un-conscious mind. This is where the habit and behaviour of jealousy are, so therefore it is the best place to start. After this you can use hypnosis to begin to work on your overall confidence and self esteem levels which will really work for you to get you some great results. Just imagine what life would be like if your jealousy disappeared – How great would your relationship be? How much more secure would you feel, knowing your can accept the wholehearted love of your partner without being suspicious?
If you could achieve all this right now… would you?
Well if you really want help and you desire to get your jealousy sorted then hypnosis or hypnotherapy is just the right thing for you. I recommend that you start with a hypnosis download, recording or seek out your local hypnotherapist who will be more than happy to help you out.
Remember – you are not alone. Thousands of people out there today are in the same boat; however you’re the one reading this so you have a chance to escape your jealousy forever.
Best of luck!
Richard is an expert in dealing with jealousy and helping couples and individuals in overcoming jealousy.
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