Hypnosis and How It Works

When people think of hypnosis, they usually think of someone waving a pocket watch in front of your face and then being able to get you to believe anything they want you to. Actually, this is not what hypnosis is like at all!
Television has made hypnosis seem like just some kind of entertainment, like a magic trick. When people are really hypnotized, they don't do whatever they are told; they have free will. They are also not in a sleep state either. They are in a state called hyperattentive.
Science has yet to explain how hypnosis actually happens even though it has been practiced for over two hundred years. Hypnosis will probably never be completely understood until science can discover how the human mind really works. However, psychiatrists do understand the characteristics of hypnosis and have come up with a model for how it works.
Hypnosis is a trancelike state that is characterized by relaxation, excessive suggestibility and heightened imagination. It is not like sleep though because the person is alert the entire time. Some people compare being hypnotized to daydreaming. You are totally conscious, but tune out most of the things going on around you.
There are many things that we do in everyday life in which we tend to tune out what's going on around us and go into a daze. Some examples of these activities include driving, reading, watching movies and mowing the lawn. Also, when you daydream imaginary events can cause real emotions. These are all forms of self-hypnosis.
When you are hypnotized, the hypnotist gives you suggestions that you view as reality. If the hypnotist suggests that you are scared, you will actually start to feel panicky and might even start to sweat. If the hypnotist suggests that you are drinking a milkshake, you will really taste the milkshake and feel it in your mouth. However, you know the whole time that it's imaginary. You are aware of what's going on.
When the hypnotist puts you into this mental state, you will feel totally relaxed and carefree. People don't worry about things that they normally do because they tune out all other thoughts. All you think about is what the hypnotist is telling you.
Also, when you are in this state, you are extremely suggestible. If the hypnotist tells you to do something, you will probably do it. You are aware of what you are doing though. A hypnotist cannot get a person to do something that they don't want to. People do things they normally wouldn't because worries such as embarrassment are gone.
Most people seem to think that hypnosis is a way to access the subconscious mind. When you are in a normal state, you are only aware of what's going on in your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind takes care of everything you do automatically, like breathing and other actions that you don't really think about. Your subconscious mind actually does most of your activities, such as opening a door. You don't really think about opening doors. Psychiatrists think that extreme relaxation can cause the conscious mind to take a back-seat to the subconscious mind.
While your subconscious mind is in control, you feel much more impulsive, carefree, imaginative and creative. Your subconscious mind is the part of your brain that regulates things such as touch, taste, sight and emotions. This is why you can actually taste and feel a milkshake if the hypnotist tells you that you are drinking one. You can actually experience your imaginations.
In order to be hypnotized, you must want to be hypnotized and believe that you can be hypnotized. You also must be completely relaxed and comfortable. Hypnotism can take just a few minutes or even more than a half hour, depending on the person.
Hypnotism is often used for fun and entertainment, but it also has other uses. It can be a form of therapy for people with personal problems or can even be used to cure illnesses. Sometimes hypnosis is also used to help a person remember repressed memories. There have been cases of hypnosis curing illnesses or relieving pain, but this is very controversial. Many scientists don't want to study hypnosis because they don't think it's real, but it should be studied because it really does help a lot of people.
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Self-Hypnosis - The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Ask a group of a hundred people about self-hypnosis and you are likely to get a hundred different responses. Some will have experience with it and know it works, others will chalk the whole idea up to gimmicks of bad stage magicians. The truth of the matter lies somewhere in all the different answers you get. One of the reasons for all the different answers is that people react differently to self-hypnosis. One thing is certain though, for those who know how to do it, it is the key to unlocking the power of the subconscious mind.
Self-hypnosis can help with a whole list of different troubles people have in their everyday lives. Things like low self-esteem, low self-confidence, breaking of bad habits like smoking and nail biting, even to changing apects of a person's personality are all within the possibilities that can happen with self-hypnosis.
The subconscious part of our minds is much more powerful than most people realize. Self-hypnosis is nothing more than the awakening and strengthening of the subconscious mind and allowing it to do what it does best, handle the day to day routines in our lives. Driving a car for most people has become part of their subconscious mind, but it was not there in the beginning. When learning to drive, most people are nervous wrecks while trying to master gas pedals, brake pedals, negotiating turns and remembering to signal. Add in a clutch and the nerves just skyrocketed. But, with practice, driving becomes routine and we can do it basically on "auto-pilot" without much more conscious thought than where we want to go. This is because the mechanics of driving have entered our subconscious minds through repitition. Self-hypnosis allows you to enter other things, at will, into your subconscious mind the same way, through repitition.
Just as driving is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced to get good at, so is self-hypnosis. There are techniques that need to be learned, and the more you practice them the more effective your efforts will become. Self-hypnosis is the means of letting your conscious and subconscious minds communicate with each other on demand. Your subconscious mind can only be reached when you are relaxed and the conscious mind takes a back seat. Once it is awakened, you can then bring the powers of our subconsious mind to bear on whatever task we want.
Through self-hypnosis, people have been able to successfully kick bad habits, become a more assertive and confident person, instill a positive self image, and boost their performance on tests or in sports. All of this is possible by letting the subconscious mind work on the suggestions it is given during self-hypnosis sessions. It is thought that the average person only utilizes about ten percent of the power in the subconscious mind. Self-hypnosis allows people to unlock and use the remaining ninety percent to improve their lives.
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Hypnosis - The Intriguing State

Once dismissed as trickery, hypnosis has been found to have therapeutic uses, ranging from easing pain to conquering fear. And now, a few simple techniques may also let you benefit from hypnosis on your own.
Neither sleep nor unconsciousness, hypnosis is a state in which a person has shut out distractions and is free to focus intently on a particular subject, emotion, or memory. Practitioners stress how normal and commonplace the hypnotic state is. Almost everyone, they point out, experiences some form of hypnosis spontaneously - while daydreaming, reading, or even while driving long distances along a superhighway.
Such focused concentration has practical benefits, for while under hypnosis a person is more receptive to suggestions. Because of this, hypnosis has been used successfully to alleviate pain, reduce stress, overcome phobias, and break such habits as cigarette smoking, overeating, and nail-biting. In addition, chronic headache sufferers have found relief without heavy sedatives or painkillers, and people afflicted with allergies and some skin diseases have been helped as well. Often people "feel better" just by knowing that hypnosis can put them in greater control of their lives.
Hypnosis is recognized by the medical establishment. However, physicians caution that patients should get a proper diagnosis before trying it. Anyone suffering from an undiagnosed illness or who simply feels unwell should use hypnosis only under medical supervision because the treatment may mask symptoms of disease.
Easing Chronic Complaints - For those wishing to avoid drugs or surgery for certain chronic ailments, hypnosis may be an appropriate alternative. In particular, eczema and warts have been effectively treated with hypnosis, often in conjunction with counseling and medication. Allergy and asthma sufferers have also found relief using hypnosis, and some have augmented their care by using self-hypnosis to prevent flare-ups.
One recurring feat is that a hypnotist can force a subject to perform, illegal, or dangerous acts. Staunch defenders or hypnotism reject this claim, arguing that the subject can "awaken" at any time and that there is no danger of loss of control. Using the services of a qualified, trained hypnotist, or practicing self-hypnosis are good ways of allaying anxiety about the treatment.
What You Can Expect - During a session, the hypnotist will probably ask you to concentrate on an object or on the sound of his voice. As he guides you into a state of relaxation, he will likely use permissive messages, not commands: "You may find your eyelids becoming heavy. It is all right to let your eyes close". Or the hypnotist may ask you to count backward from 20 to zero. When under hypnosis, your sense of time can be distorted so that a great deal seems to happen in a very short time.
People vary in their ability to achieve deep hypnosis. Many attain what is called a light stage. When told that their arm may feel heavy, they will have trouble lifting it. When told that their hand is anesthetized, they will feel little or no pain if pinched. A hypnotist can sometimes induce you into a deeper level with suggestions that you are descending an escalator or stairway. In this way you may then be able to achieve total anesthesia, or perhaps control various involuntary body functions like blood pressure and heartbeat.
Hypnosis may be valuable in helping a person recall long-suppressed experiences. It can also be used to help a subject recreate a time when a traumatic event occurred that still causes pain or trouble. Relief may be gained by reliving the experience under safe conditions and seeing it from an adult viewpoint.
Another vital factor is sleep! Try to get at least eight hours of sleep every night - and if you can, eat a peanut butter sandwich just before going to bed!
Try all the above for at least two weeks, and at the end of week two, you will have put on at least five pounds of body weight - not just fat but also some quality muscle mass as a result of the weight lifting routine as well!
NOTE: Before becoming involved in any kind of a diet or exercise regimes, you have to seek the advice of a health care professional.
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Does Hypnosis Work

Working as a Hypnotherapist is very rewarding as you get the privilege of working with people that want to achieve amazing success in their lives. In fact there is never really a day that I get out of bed and think ‘oh no – another boring day at work’ as each and every day brings many more new clients and many more new challenges that always keeps me on my toes! Many people also find my job fascinating and I am never short of anything to say when I am with friends or meeting new people as that age old question always rises about what I do! Actually someone asked it me just last night – ‘That hypnosis thing? Does it really work?’ I always laugh at this point and say ‘of course not, don’t be so ridiculous!’
Of course I am having a little joke with them in my reply. It still amazes me that people still don’t actually believe that Hypnosis can work. Are you a sceptic? Are you one of these people that still believes that it sounds ‘too good to be true’? Well if you are then it might be time that you woke up and smelt the coffee as you just might be missing out on something that you really need to give you the results that you want in your life. Listen to this – Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to both exist and work! Don’t believe me? Google it and you will find loads of research and evidence to suggest that Hypnosis doesn’t belong in the land of fairytales and magic shows, but is actually a viable option to get you the life that you want and to help you to attain the things that you want to have.
One question I always ask my clients is ‘what would you achieve if nothing was impossible?’ The reason that I ask this is because as we grow into adulthood we stop using our ability to set high ambitions like we did as kids and we start to create limitations and reasons why we cant achieve certain things. We actually begin to decide whether something is impossible or not – that’s right we actually set the limit on what is impossible!
As I said – Hypnosis is a viable option to achieve your goals. So I want to ask you the question - what would you achieve if nothing was impossible? Would you quit smoking, lose weight, get more confidence, make more money, improve your relationship or deal with that stress? These are all things that people regularly use Hypnosis for – actually, I worked with clients on all of these issues just in the past week.
The bottom line: Hypnosis works! Isn’t it time that you started to find out more information about how you can use it to improve your own life? You owe it to yourself!
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Hypnosis and Auto-Suggestion

It remains somewhat a mysterious subject - that of hypnosis. We face a natural reluctance to learn more about the techniques used in the science, perhaps because of the general tendency to consider the possible negative repercussions from allowing another person to ‘control’ our mind. If letting another person take over another’s mind is indeed the case, then some caution would certainly be warranted. But in regard to its main application in healing and psychotherapy, this is certainly not true.
There are great advances in the understanding of the human mind and recognition of the need to bridge the gap between the subconscious and the conscious mind. There exists a need to educate people to know the difference between these two levels of consciousness and, here, elementary psychology fulfills the function.
Every science related to the human being has developed slowly, from physiological understanding which permits successful surgery, to the understanding and correction of the psyche with its complexities of emotion and thought. Psychology also moves slowly but it is of increasing importance as physical disease is overcome and a shift occurs towards more subtle disturbances of the brain and the mind that manifest in the mental diseases we are witnessing today.
However, psychology is a new science. Psychologists were a rarity just fifty years ago.
So it will take time even with the most fervent investigators and scientists to be confident about such a complex issue and daunting task of understanding complex personalities and troubled human psyches. This work is made more difficult by the existence of yet another component in human nature, the soul, which is becoming a more familiar added dimension and a reality to those who practice meditation.
There are many valid techniques used by psychologists to encourage people to get to know themselves and make adjustments where there is a need. There are many fundamental problems that can easily be corrected under professional tutoring and supervision. Some of the most common examples involve getting a patient to stop smoking, over-eating or other negative health habits. Hypnosis is a tool used to correct many irregularities. The practice is entirely with the agreement or acquiescence of the patient who attends a medical hypnotherapy clinic and agrees to put themselves in the hands of experienced professionals.
In the past many well intentioned individuals have explored techniques of hypnosis and some have degraded its use by exploiting it as a means of public entertainment. This proved a negative factor. The serious potential and application of hypnosis is only now being fully considered as we begin to know more about the brain and the functions of the mind. We now can employ this knowledge in extending our understanding; in therapy; in redirection of skills and talent; and even in sporting achievement. Regrettably it is also and less attractively, being applied in political and even criminal mind games.
The elementary and powerful tool used to access the mind of another person is that of suggestion. In hypnosis, we allow a doctor or therapist to formulate and repeat certain suggestions in order to re-direct our thinking processes.
In auto hypnosis, we learn to undertake this technique for ourselves, using the same clear thought, the magic of repetition and the additional factor of our willing imagination that can create our ideal picture of our personal goal. We learn to use our own mental ‘muscles’ and yet apply the same principles used by hypnotherapists, but as some would argue, in a more sophisticated and comfortable manner which increases our sense of confidence and independence. It is admirable to take full responsibility for your own mind, which is the only real protection we have from negative influences around us.
Auto suggestion can be used for a wide range of purposes - to overcome physical health problems, emotional attitudes, mental habits, behavioral problems, but most important, it helps us each to integrate the conscious and subconscious levels of our mind, which together create an inner climate for our own integrity to flourish.
Begin with learning all about Self Hypnosis, or Auto Suggestion. These are techniques already employed and well known to students of Raja Yoga as the practice of japa. Information found through a further study of Yoga philosophy and psychology will complement that of modern psychology to help you better understand yourself.
Study of general psychology, the principles of auto-suggestion and successful application of the simple techniques will encourage you to learn more about methods of self- help before considering any larger issues that may require professional hypnotherapy.
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Hypnosis - A Non-Intrusive Therapy

These days many people resort to Hypnosis as a therapy for many different issues. Hypnosis as a therapy is a process in which the patient and the therapist cooperate for the benefit of the client.
For many years hypnosis had an unsavory reputation in the public mind and in the medical profession. This was largely due to hypnosis being associated with the theater or music halls. Hypnotists would select members of the audience, put them in a trance and then persuade them to act out or confess to unconscious longings or fears. Although hypnosis is still used as an entertainment tool it is being reevaluated and is seen by many as a useful technique that has a place in a wide range of medical, psychological and investigative pursuits.
Hypnotherapy combines both art and science. Franz Anton Mesmer back in the late 1700s believed that man could redistribute the quasimagnetic fluid to bring about healing. Not long after that James Braid a Scottish surgeon working Manchester England created the term hypnosis.
The term hypnosis actually is derived from the Greek word sleep but the individual under hypnosis is not asleep or unconscious and is in fact more alert than ever.
Today hypnosis has developed into a well-respected practice and is used by certified hypnotherapists, doctors, psychologists and law enforcement. It is used for a variety of reasons for example pain control, stress related disorders, anesthesia, psychotherapy and memory recall. The management of a wide range of phobic anxiety and other psychological disorders can also be aided by the use of hypnotism.
The practice of hypnotism is safe and can be extremely helpful in area where there are not many other effective treatments other than drugs. Things such as stress reduction, sexual problems, phobias, insomnia, stopping smoking, weight loss and lack of motivation. Hypnotherapy has also been found useful in areas of law and it has sometimes been the only way that vital pieces of evidence have been discovered.
If you have ever felt that you have a problem that is all in the head or in fact your own doctor has felt that way then hypnotherapy could be the ideal solution. If your head created the problem then it can be used to treat it.
There are a few people who cannot be hypnotized to a depth that will be helpful and these are the feeble-minded, the insane and the senile. And, as it does take mind power to hypnotize, very young children who have not developed sufficient mind power are not good subjects.
People who are helped by hypnotherapy will see changes rapidly. A person does not have to work hard for hypnotherapy to be effective as it is a natural state of mind. In fact with hypnotherapy the harder you try the more you fail. So the rule is do not try to be hypnotized just remain passive and let it happen.
Hypnotherapy is a great way to unlock the potential of the subconscious mind and can be taught to use alone, at will and without complicated procedure.
After hypnosis most people feel wonderfully warm and relaxed.
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Change Your Life by Positive Changes Hypnosis

Before we start for positive changes hypnosis, one thing I must tell you that a positive worthwhile life is always easier to have, than struggling with negative one. It only seems hard to live positive life but it's not... It’s in your very nature. Let me give you an example, which will make you clear that positivity is within you; only you have to recognize it. Imagine there is a mirror in your storeroom, which is completely covered by dust. Due to dust you are unable to see in that mirror. You can say that there is no mirror but it doesn't mean that there is no mirror. If you little clean it, then you will be able to see that sparkling image of yours. Same as, in the mirror of your mind you have to remove that dust of negativity and then you will find the source of positive energy. Remember never ever try to cope with negativity. Instead of that unveil your positive being and this will be done by positive changes hypnosis easily.
My Baby Received Bless Instead of Violence by Positive Changes HypnosisI have experienced this problem. It's just like equal to crossing seven seas. When my baby was of 2 years old, my mind used to imagine violent things about her and I used to fight with my mind that "not to think like this for her".
Due to this problem, I was in trouble till one year. My 80% energy was exhausted in fighting with my mind and then, I started doing positive changes hypnosis. This is the most effective technique for transforming big problems into bless. In this positive changes hypnosis, I visualized the pure positive image of my self, as an ideal father for her, as she may expect when she will grow up.
This technique activated a new energy in my mind. Now I see very dramatic changes in my attitude towards my baby. All the violent imaginations have disappeared. Now I am feeling a new sense of being her father, that is why I told you that living a positive life is always very easy than trying to cope with negative one. When I changed the direction of my mind to be an ideal father, the whole story changes dramatically. I love her......
Now only positivity comes on my mind for my baby. You can also change your life by "Positive Changes Hypnosis". What so ever your problem is, don't fight with it, search for the positive pole of the solution. Remember one solution can solve many problems, but..... Fighting with the problems will never take you to the solutions.
Hi, I'm from India and people call me Cheetu. I'm 28 years old and for me, self hypnosis is my passion. From fourteen years, I have been interested in this area of "HIDDEN POWERS OF MIND". I've tried each and every thing to tap hidden powers of my mind like yoga, tantra, mantra, meditation, affirmation, kundalini, fasting, breathing techniques, self hypnosis and about everything you can imagine. Now I own a website my self hypnosis site and subscribe my self hypnosis blog here
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A Look Into Hypnosis - Is It Fact or Fraud?

"The Sleeping Prophet" Edgar Cayce would command himself to engage in out-of-body experiences and near-death experiences through self-hypnosis. Under a trance state, he would give readings and diagnoses to people he has never met. His followers documented almost 14,000 journeys unto the spirit realm, made through his subconscious mind - or what Cayce referred to as the soul.
Sensational historian David Lewis revealed that Adolf Hitler was once hypnotized and this may have been the root of the kind of life he has led. Lewis claimed that in 1918, Hitler believed he has gone completely blind - despite diagnoses of doctors that nothing is wrong with his eyes. Through hypnosis, a doctor suggested to Hitler that indeed, he has lost his eyesight, but through will power he can make himself see again. "That's because God made him an exceptional person," the good doctor added. "Since then," Lewis said, "the hypnosis marked Hitler so much that he took life believing he was exceptional, and the rest, as they say, is history".
Robert F. Kennedy's assassin was under the influence of a mastermind through hypnotism during the assassination, and was said to have shown robotic, trance-like movements and repeated "RFK must die" over and over again during police interrogation.
Have you read about clairvoyants reaching into other dimensions to get rare or secret information? How about mediums meddling with the underworld and calling the dead? Hypnosis stories, are they for real?
Hypnosis may be one of the most debated upon and controversial topics known to us, but that doesn't mean we can't get our facts right. Before we delve further in our study of mind control and its twists and turns, let's try to get our facts straight first. Here are some of the most popular, yet unproven, takes on hypnosis.
The Powerful Mystical Mysterious Master Hypnotist
No, he doesn't have supernatural powers. He's not casting an ancient spell. He's not an apostle of Satan. Neither is he a saint.
Your friendly neighborhood hypnotist - be he a licensed doctor or a new-age practitioner - does not possess that special kind of "animal magnetism" either. That theory has long been dismissed, as early as in the 17th century. Today, it is proven that to be able to initiate a hypnotism session, the hypnotist may merely provide a very specific visual element to focus on, some soothing music perhaps, and a very convincing, authoritative spiel repeated in a monotone. You need only to be relaxed, aware, and willing to be hypnotized. Of course, the effects of hypnosis can rely on the hypnotist's ability and experience; as well as the motivation and mental conditioning of the subject.
The Dreamer
People claiming they are under hypnosis, are they dreaming?
The opposite is true - when you are under hypnosis, rather than sleeping, you are actually fully alert. In fact, more alert than normal. Being under hypnotism requires your mind to focus intensely, whether it's the swinging motion of the pendulum clock, the monotone pattern of the hypnotist's voice, and the sound of your own breathing as you relax. For your subconscious to take over, you need to concentrate intently. Under a state of trance, you will still be fully aware of the things you will be saying and doing, as suggested upon by the hypnotist - including activities not related to sleeping, such as walking, running around, reading, laughing, and even acting like a chicken.
The Live Chicken Eating Girl
No way! Not eating live chicken, unless of course, you really prefer such gastronomic experiment.
It was widely believed that hypnotists can turn people into zombie-like, robotic creatures ready to obey their master's bid and call. Popular culture portrayed hypnotized people to behave differently, or do extraordinary, life-threatening, illegal or immoral acts.
Sorry to disappoint you and your cinematic notions, but hypnotism cannot force you to do things against your will (unless the hypnotist is pointing a gun at you, but that's a stickup). You, an ordinary, law-abiding citizen, will not turn wild and go trashing people's windshields when under hypnosis. You will still maintain your principles; even if instructed, you won't trample upon your religion's holiest shrine. Your sense of right and wrong will remain intact. Nobody can make you strip in front of a crowd - unless you want to. J
The hypnotist can only make suggestions that can alter your consciousness, making you more open and easily "manipulated" - to a certain extent. People who have experienced stage hypnotism said that they can refuse to follow the hypnotist's suggestions, just that "it's easier to follow him". This is so because the active, aggressive, decision-making part of the consciousness becomes timid when under a trance. So it is "easier" to just automatically respond to suggestions. To some extent, the hypnotist can control the actions and the way his subjects behave. Conversely, the effect of hypnosis also depends upon your motivation, willingness, and faith to make it work for you.
The Deranged Hit Man
It was formerly believed that the perfect assassin is one under the influence of hypnotism - someone who will be intensely focused on the task, every obstacle trampled upon; someone who will be so sure to get the job done efficiently and cleanly; a lean, mean killing machine. Snap out of it! You may have been watching too many movies and television shows.
As stated, no amount of hypnotism can force anybody to act against his instincts or his moral principles. Yes, you may not help but chuckle like a chicken when, for example, you were chosen as a participant in a hypnotism show. But you may opt not to pull that trigger given that one evil hypnotist tells you to do so. When someone mentions a suggestion as serious as this, something in your mind clicks off automatically and lets you decide rationally. Like when you're tipsy, you may sing "My Way" without inhibitions and with all the vocal calisthenics you could muster; but you are still aware and you can cut off the song (and probably release your audience from further discomfort) any moment you want to.
One theory on the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy was that the accused did the act because he was hypnotized. It was said that the assassin showed behavior typical of a hypnotized individual. Witnesses said he "moved like a robot" during the time he shot RFK. Tests showed that he is a highly suggestible, easily hypnotic subject. Still nothing of these was acknowledged, or even presented to the court.
Abbas Abedi - My blog on hypnosis and self-hypnosis provides a complete system on how you can use self hypnosis for yourself right away. Learn about the misconceptions and truths of hypnosis & self-hypnosis.
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Is Hypnosis Fact or Fiction

Close your eyes for a minute and go back in time. Not just a few years but a few hundred years. Look around the town. What clothes are people wearing? What are they eating? Which animals are with them? Are they singing?
Did this little exercise fill your mind up with images of the past? Do you see how quickly you can experience another world? Is this similar to hypnosis? The answer is yes!
An hypnotic trance is a state of rest, keen imagination and suggestibility. It is often compared to daydreaming or the sensation of losing yourself in a movie or a good book. You are not really asleep but are instead fully conscious while tuning out much of what surrounds you. You are so deeply focused on a subject that you practically forget everything else.
The understanding of hypnosis has advanced during the last century yet still remains a bit of a mystery. Luckily, images of a bearded wizard waving a watch in front of your nose is mostly a thing of the past.
To understand hypnosis, we first need to understand how our minds work. Normally we are aware of the thought processes in the conscious part of our mind. This allows us to respond to the situations that are in front of us. Your conscious mind helps you decide what to say, it helps you find where you put your keys, it tells you to go to the store. The conscious mind controls your inhibitions. Continually, your conscious mind is working closely with your unconscious mind, which is doing the thinking behind the scenes.
Your subconscious mind accesses the huge quantity of information you have accumulated during your lifetime . It helps you solve problems, make sentences, design plans. It communicates these ideas with your conscious mind all the time. When you think you came up with an “idea out of the blue” it is because you already figured it out in your subconscious. Your subconscious also allows you to do things automatically. You don’t spend all day thinking “Breathe” and yet you keep breathing. You aren’t aware of everything involved in driving a car, you do most of it automatically. Basically, your subconscious is the brains behind the operation. When you are awake, your conscious mind evaluates a lot of your thoughts, makes decisions, and puts certain ideas into action. But when you are asleep, the conscious mind gets out of the way and lets your subconscious take over.
Hypnosis is a method of deep relaxation and focus that facilitates communication with the subconscious part of your brain. The conscious is the main part of the inhibitive part of your mind. The subconscious controls your imagination, impulses and is the keeper of all of your memories. When you have access to the subconscious you can make life changing events occur. It has been particularly effective when it comes to breaking old habits such as smoking, getting rid of irrational fears and phobias. Hypnosis is a mesmerizing subject with a great deal of power and potential. We should never underestimate the subconscious in our mind.
I have been fascinated with hypnosis and its power ever since I was first introduced to it 20 years ago.
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Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

Hypnosis (or hypnotherapy in medical terminology) refers to a therapeutic technique involving the use of suggestions made to a person when he/she is in an altered state of consciousness, in order to bring about positive changes in that person thinking and behavior on the conscious level and thereby treat a range of health conditions. During hypnosis the therapist interacts with the inner consciousness of the patient to pinpoint the core emotional/physical issues that may be causing problems. The therapist then uses suggestions to make changes at the deep subconscious level, which manifest themselves as positive behavioral changes on the conscious level. Get that connection between weight loss and hypnosis now?
When it comes to food, it is no fun to be on your guard against it all the time. It happens repeatedly; you are craving for those delicious forbidden foods (perhaps because you find a certain comfort level with them), and even before you can remind yourself of their ill effects, it is too late! The fiends are already in doing their bit. And you are already on a guilt trip because of your wayward behavior. Sometimes, no amount of conscious effort and willpower helps when it comes to denying yourself the pleasures of eating comfort foods. That is where hypnosis comes to your rescue.
Hypnosis enables weight loss without you having to battle with your cravings and hunger all the time, without having to go through the anguish of denying yourself. Hypnosis facilitates the success of your weight loss plan by changing your mindset on the conscious level; not via the conscious route but by continually feeding positive thoughts into your subconscious mind, by changing your mindset inside out, by reprogramming the way your subconscious mind feels about food. As a result of weight loss hypnosis, the most impossible-seeming diet plan becomes possible to follow because you no longer share the same relationship with food that you did earlier.
With weight loss hypnosis, the healthy lifestyle and diet choices will feel more satisfying and joyful. The signals from the subconscious part of your brain may even start making positive changes on the cellular level. Your cellular memory will get reprogrammed and will start responding to positive thoughts, leading to self-healing from within. The conflict between your wants and goals will be resolved. That is what you call: think healthy, be healthy.
Almost anyone with an open mind to try out an alternative weight loss method can benefit from hypnosis. Obviously, weight loss through hypnosis alone is not going to magically transform your body; it is just going to open yet another avenue in your weight loss program and facilitate its success. It will make your weight loss process mentally and emotionally effortless. So continue with your routine exercise regimen along with weight loss hypnosis.
The following are the benefits achieved by weight loss hypnosis:
Kills your desire to overeat and reduces your cravings for unhealthy foods.
Gives a strong feeling of self-empowerment, boosts your self-esteem and confidence, and induces positive thinking.
Lends you a positive self-image.
Reduces stress levels.
Can reveal a past incidence that may have triggered your weight gain.To achieve weight loss through hypnosis, you can either take the help of a professional hypnotherapist or use one of the weight loss hypnosis CDs easily available online to hypnotize your way to weight loss all by yourself.
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So What Does Hypnosis Actually Feel Like?

A question many people ask me – What will I feel when I am hypnotized?
The short, perhaps unsatisfactory answer is you will think you are perfectly normal and there’s been no change!
Actually you have probably been hypnotized many times throughout your life. Have you ever driven to work and realized you have almost no recall of the journey? Sat on a bus and day dreamed your way through the traffic?
To most people Hypnosis is a similar state of mind. Despite what you may see on TV or at stage shows people under hypnosis know exactly what they are doing.
In the hectic world in which we live in increasingly people do not have the time or make the time to relax for even five minutes and do nothing.
Perhaps that was one of the main benefits of organized religion, meeting once week in a building, perhaps some back ground music? Candle Smoke and incense drifting towards you? Thinking of nothing? No distractions? Sounds like Hypnosis to me.
A curious effect experienced by many people is the phenomena of time distortion. Many people when asked how long they have been hypnotized for reply “a few minutes” or “hours and hours”.
This ability to get a person to believe that time has slowed down offers many opportunities to use hypnosis to assist with studying or problem solving.
Robert Lee is the owner of http://www.2minutes2.com a site dedicated to providing information and advice to anyone interested in Hypnosis,NLP and Self Hypnosis.
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Motivation - Hypnosis Motivation For You

Do you lack motivation at the times that you really know that it is needed? Do you believe that you could achieve so much more if you could just get excited and motivated by the thing that you are doing? Have you lost out on achievement in the past and got stressed due to procrastination as you haven’t been able to motivate yourself? Do your dream about one day having everything that you want, need and desire, however never seem to do anything about it other than just dream? Well if so, buckle your seat belt as the stuff you are about to learn could take you on the journey of your lifetime and you could achieve even your most wildest dreams!
My name is Richard MacKenzie and I am an author and hypnotherapist that has personally helped thousands of people to realise their dreams and achieve their desires. I truly believe that as humans we limit ourselves on what is possible and ultimately on what is impossible. I believe that some people by their very nature decide to play it safe in life, so therefore have no need for motivation as they play from the sidelines. However sometimes we can adopt these attitudes and beliefs from our parents and friends and if we do want to achieve, we find it hard to as we have learnt to play it safe. This is where we need to seek help to get the motivation to achieve what we do want and need from life.
Working with the part of your brain called your sub-conscious mind, hypnosis is able to reprogram all of those unwanted beliefs, habits and behaviors that have you playing it safe. The hypnosis begins to reprogram you sub-conscious mind to create the motivation that you need to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.
The meaning of success and what it is is different for everyone. What do you want to achieve in life? What would complete your meaning of success? A prestige car, a promotion, a family – what would you achieve? Success is your right!
I wish you the best of success on your road to achievement and happiness!
If you are serious about gaining motivation to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams then I would recommend that you get started today with a hypnosis recording or even look up your local hypnotherapist. Haven’t you waited for far too long to achieve – don’t wait for success, make it with motivation! Start today!
Get motivation today! Check out Richard's site for more info on hypnosis motivation.
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Hypnosis – 9 Secret Words to Get Everything That You Ever Desired and Wanted in Your Life

You may not be aware but this simple hypnotic article is taking you ahead for the peaceful and content life that you ever desire. In this article you will discover how to get all that you want in your life. Hypnosis always stands beside you as your perfect pal.
The hypnotic secret can be summoned up in six simple words. THEY ARE ‘GIVE OTHERS SAME THING THAT YOU WANT FROM THEM.’ These 9 simple hypnotic words hold hidden value and importance. When you want something from others, you should be capable enough to give that same thing in turn. Example, if you want love from others, you have to love others.
When you want someone’s help you have to be ready to him. Nature always works on the giving and receiving aspect. When it gives you something, it expects something in turn from you. No one can your friend unless you are more friendly with them.
But there are certain things that restrict you to share the same thing that you want from them. They are your ego, pride and your inability to cope up with different peoples. These things may not only restrict your to give others what you want from them but they also restrict others to give you what you want from them.
There are two important principles in hypnosis that can surely help you to get whatever you desire.
1. Principle of reciprocity: This is the foremost important principle in hypnosis. It implies you not to receive anything unless you give it back to the same person. Remember always to give back what you receive. Give something to get something in turn. If you want respect from others, respect them.
2. Principle of going first: This is the second important principle in hypnosis when it comes to achieve what you want. There is nothing harm or loss in making the first move towards the person whose help you. No matter he comes to you or you goes to him, what’s important is that you both are together to help each other.
3. Principle of risk reversal: This hypnotic principle is equally important as the other two principles in hypnosis. When some one is coming forward to help, you should bestow the complete risk and danger upon that person. Make him comfortable and safe in your company. If you put the entire risk upon that person, he will never again come forward to help you.
Thus, if you befriend these three key principles of hypnosis and the 9 secret words, then would be nothing left as un achieved in your life. None of your dream would be left un achieved. So, enjoy your dream life with hypnosis.
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Quit Smoking Through Hypnosis

You have seen and heard the warnings. You know what smoking is doing to your lungs. Perhaps you have tried to quit smoking before, but the gum tastes bad and no matter how hard you tried you just can’t pretend that the inhaler is a smoke. You’ve even tried counseling and prescription medications. So, what else is there for you to try? You should definitely consider hypnosis to help you quit smoking.
Why You Should Quit Smoking
Smoking does many things to your lungs. If you have seen the before and after pictures, you know how smoking takes a healthy pink lung and turns it into a black unhealthy one. Smoking can bring about cancer, emphysema and can increase your chances of heart attack and stroke. What causes this? The chemicals in cigarettes are outstanding and many of them are poisonous. There is also benzene, a chemical in gasoline, cadmium, found in batteries and oil paint, and hydrogen cyanide that cause headaches, dizziness and nausea.
There are actually 4000 chemicals and of these 43 are cancer causing. One ingredient is acetone, an ingredient in nail polish remover. Arsenic. That is right, arsenic, the ingredient that is used to kill rats! Arsenic is what gives your lips a burn and your mouth a very bad taste.
What Happens When You Quit
This is what happens to your lungs after you quit smoking. Within 20 minutes of quitting your heart rate begins to drop. Twelve hours off the smokes brings your carbon monoxide levels to normal. Between two weeks and three months smoke free you begin to lower your risk of heart attacks, and your lung function improves.
Within one to nine months, you will find that your coughing level is lowered and your lung capacity increases. One year, and you’ve already cut your risk of a coronary heart disease to to half of what it was when you were smoking. Fifteen years and you now have the same risk of a non smoker of having a coronary heart attack.
What Can Hypnosis Do?
Hypnosis is not what the cartoons and movies portray. You do not sit in front of a creepy man as he sways a dangly object in front of your face. The goal of hypnosis is to suppress the conscious side of the brain, which is the "thinking" part of the brain with which you function most of the day. The purpose is to let the subconscious become available for tweaking by you and the hypnotist. Often, the hypnotist will work to teach your subconscious to equate smoking with something unpleasant, like nausea. While counseling only works on the conscious part of the brain, hypnosis works on the deep rooted subconscious levels of automatic thought.
Many hypnotherapists can help you quit smoking with just a single session of treatment.
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Self Hypnosis Technique - The 4 Primary Stages

Everybody has the ability to hypnotize themselves using simple self-hypnosis techniques. It can be helpful in improving their problem solving abilities, better concentration, improved sleep, and much more. Instead of being hypnotized by someone else, in self hypnosis, you do it to yourself using your conscious mind. There is a learning curve of course, but when you master any single self hypnosis technique, you have a powerful tool in your possession forever.
This article is about giving you a basic introduction on the 4 primary stages in any self hypnosis technique.
1. Get Comfortable:
It is important to be as comfortable as possible during the session. So you should preferably wear loose fitting clothes, remove your lenses, find a quiet spot etc. Try and sit next to an open window so that you get some fresh air too.
2. Set a Purpose:
You should now set clear purpose for the session. It could be anything you want. Like I said earlier, a few examples are better concentration, improved sleep, etc.
3. Set a Time:
Set a time limit for yourself, and make sure that you will not get disturbed during the session. Getting disturbed can not really cause any harm, it is just that it is quite uncomfortable. You can compare it to getting disturbed while sleeping.
4. Start the Induction:
There are many different kinds of inductions which you can use. This step always starts by first relaxing yourself. The next part is when the suggestions are sent deep into your subconscious mind.
So now you have a general idea of how the self hypnosis works. I would suggest that you also look into hypnosis recordings to get a better idea of self hypnosis techniques.
Andrew Stone is extremely passionate and well-informed in the field of Mind Power. You may wish to visit his website if you want a list of resources which will help you uncover the true potential of your subconscious mind... http://www.UnleashMyPower.com
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Self Hypnosis and Success

Do you like being you, but you would just like to be a little better at it? Do you wish that you would have the motivation and drive to achieve goals beyond your wildest dreams? Do you wish you could know yourself better and feel confident and secure in yourself? How great would it be to be an achiever, a leader and a pioneer? Just imagine being the person that you want to be, living the life that you want to live – the life of your dreams. If you could achieve all this right now – would you? Of course you would – I mean who wouldn’t?
One of the main reasons that I love being a hypnotherapist is that I get loads of spare time to be able to work on the things that I want to achieve in life. And as a person that practices what he preaches I spend a lot of time utilizing hypnosis and self hypnosis for my own benefit and achievement. Some of my biggest and best ideas both in my business and personal life have come from my time working on myself with self hypnosis. In fact I would say that my success overall is very much dependent on all of the time that I have taken to work on myself as well as my clients. Self hypnosis is really an amazing tool to create self made success.
Hypnosis and self hypnosis can be used to simply reprogram the part of your brain that we refer to as your sub-conscious mind. This ultimately allows you to achieve your desired results from life and attain the lifestyle of your dreams as you continue along your journey of self discovery and personal development. By changing and challenging your beliefs you will really begin to clear out old and unwanted barriers that will have held you back until now.
You can learn the art of self hypnosis in many ways. You can get a book or seek the help of your local hypnotherapist who should be more than happy to teach you and help you to develop this new skill into one that you can use effectively. Some Hypnotherapists also put on courses and seminars to teach people self hypnosis, however I always think that it’s best to do your research before going on these and you can do that by getting a good book and reading it.
I wish you the best of luck on your new journey into self discovery and success.
For a great self hypnosis ebook or for more information on self hypnosis check out Richard MacKenzie's website.
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Benefits of Hypnosis

What are the benefits of hypnosis: to the individual, family and society as a whole? And, how can you make hypnosis work for you?
Other than providing a novel, fascinating experience, what can we gain from hypnosis?
These are some of the queries that comes up in a novice's mind when he/she enters the exciting world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
The answer is simple and straightforward:
Hypnosis can be put into use to improve one's general well being and functioning so that one feels better both physically and mentally.
Some of the common frequently asked questions on hypnosis (by the subject to the hypnotherapist) are:
What can hypnosis do to me?
When I am in a trance, can you make me do things that are silly, like barking like a dog or crying like a baby?
Can you make me do something against my will, like pickpocket someone or kiss a stranger?
Will I reveal my innermost secrets that I have never revealed to any one before?
Will I get stuck in one position and never come out of the trance?
Could I harm myself or someone during the trance?All these doubts are based on the basic distrust that the individual has against hypnosis and the prevailing myths about hypnosis.
Make Hypnosis Work for You
The fact is that during hypnotic trance, no one can make you act against your own moral and social values and acceptable patterns of behavior. That is, unless you want to, you cannot be manipulated against your will!
It is important to understand that even during deep trance, you remain conscious and under control. The hypnotist only makes you act according to the dictum of your own conscious and subconscious. You can terminate the trance state any time you feel like.
Even if you are left in trance state by the hypnotist or a hypnotic tape, you would either return to normal wakeful state on your own, or enter a natural sleep and wake up feeling fresh and energetic. In the centuries old history of hypnosis there has never been any incident of an individual remaining 'under hypnotic trance' for prolonged period of time.
Now that you know that hypnosis is a safe tools, let us explore the most beneficial ways in which it can be put into positive use.
Benefits of hypnosis can be categorized under the following headings:
Create a sense of general well being
Reduce Stress and anxiety
Reduce pain associated with diseases or surgical procedures
Produce anesthesia through suggestion
Control or cure psychosomatic diseases
Control physical functions like heart rate, increased sweating or bleeding
Increase mental powers: memory, confidence, learning capacity & concentration.
Get rid of phobias and unwanted negative feelings.
Get rid of bad and unhealthy habits: bulimia, anorexia nervosa, smoking, personality traits etc.
In addition to these, lots of avenues for the use of hypnosis in medicine is also being explored.
To put it in a nut shell, if we use hypnosis properly, its benefits are astronomical for the society in general and the individual in particular.
Dr. Hanish Babu, MD is a Dermato-Venereologist, Author, Stress Management Trainer and Hypnotherapist. He uses hypnosis to effectively manage stress and psychosomatic diseases in his medical practice.To learn more about how hypnosis can be beneficial, visit Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy pages by Dr. Hanish Babu.
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Stop Blushing - Hypnosis For Blushing

Do you wish that you could be confident and not blush in front of people? Do you sometimes wish that the floor would open and swallow you in when you blush? Well if you have a problem with blushing, you can now get the help and solution that you need and desire from hypnosis.
So, how great would it be not to have to worry about your blushing as it was a thing of the past? How much would your life improve and your confidence increase knowing that you’re blushing is in the past? Well maybe you would like to find out and let the results of hypnosis speak for themselves.
Hello, my name is Richard MacKenzie and I am a hypnotherapist and author. I have personally helped hundreds of people over the years through my book, hypnosis downloads and in private consultations to control and stop their blushing. I find hypnosis a quick and successful solution for blushing as it works directly with the area of your mind that makes you blush. It takes you right to the source in order to get you the resolve that you desire. The part of your mind that I am referring to here is your sub-conscious mind. It is this part of your brain that holds all the behaviors, beliefs and habits that make you… YOU!
Hypnosis works with your sub-conscious mind to achieve the results that you want. It changes the parts that need to change and gives you a boost to your self esteem, allowing you to feel more confident and more in control. Harnessing the power of your sub-conscious mind may sound like a difficult and timely job, however this is not always the case as hypnosis with its speed and effectiveness, gives you the results that matter in a very short time – that’s why we refer to hypnosis as ‘brief therapy’ as it takes a fraction of the time that other approaches take.
While in hypnosis you will feel relaxed and comfortable as you slowly start to harness the power of your sub-conscious mind and get the results that you want and desire.
If you are serious about dealing with your blushing in an effective and fast manner then hypnosis is for you. I would suggest that you try a hypnosis download or recording or look up your local qualified hypnotherapist.
I wish you the best of luck on your journey to beat your blushing.
Get help with your blushing now from Richard's site today. Stop blushing forever.
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Insomnia Cure - Hypnosis for Insomnia

Do you crave and really need a decent nights sleep? Do you find yourself laying awake night after night in your hopeless attempts to get a sound amount of slumber? Do you find yourself nodding off in the day because you are not getting your 8 hours a night? If you are then you are probably suffering at the hands of insomnia. Insomnia is becoming increasingly common in our modern day lives as we work and play harder than any other generation before us. So if insomnia is your problem, then what can you do to rectify it? Is there a solution to your dilemma?
As a hypnotherapist I have helped countless numbers of people with insomnia over my career. In fact insomnia is one of those issues that we see a lot of in the clinic as it is very common – probably even more common than you could ever imagine. It affects people from many different socio-economic backgrounds as well as people of all ages and educational background. In fact given the right scenarios, I don’t think anyone would be immune. However once we have got into the routine of insomnia it is possible to escape and regain a solid sleeping pattern once again.
So how would life be different if you could get back into a sensible sleeping pattern in the near future? How much more fitter and healthier would you feel knowing that you are getting a well and sound nights sleep? What would it feel like to deal with all of those stresses and tensions that keep you laying awake at night and stopping you from sleeping? Well hypnosis can help as is deals with the part of your mind that holds your insomniac beliefs, habits and behaviors. In fact if reprograms this part of your brain to get you the results that you both desire and need.
While in the state of hypnosis you will feel relaxed and comfortable as you begin to make the changes needed to put your insomnia behind you forever. The other natural benefits that occur in hypnosis will also help you to de-stress and feel more in control and confident of yourself and your lifestyle choices.
If you are serious about getting rid of your insomnia then I would suggest trying hypnosis through a hypnosis download or recording or even getting in contact with your local hypnotherapist who will be more than happy to help you out.
For insomnia hypnosis and a possible insomnia cure for you, please visit Richard's website.
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Learn Self Hypnosis Techniques

Although most of us associate hypnosis with the client sitting in a comfortable chair with the hypnosis therapist standing or sitting giving suggestive commands. There are actually lots of self hypnosis techniques that you can learn and apply on yourself, and this way gain full control of your mind. To put it another way these techniques will help you become your own mind manager. Below follows a description of the core of these techniques which you can alter and adjust to fit your needs. This technique pretty much consist of the same core method that the hypnosis therapists are using on their clients. Be aware though, that you should be very careful about which statements you program into your sub-conscious mind. So take your time and select these statements very carefully.
The first thing you have to decide is the purpose for the self hypnosis: What are you really trying to find out or accomplish? As soon as you have defined your goal with the self hypnosis session, you must keep to this goal. Never select more than one goal at a time and resist the temptation of solving all your problems in one batch. You simply will not be able to do that but instead create even more problems by trying that. So how should the statements or suggestions that you're going to implant into your sub-conscious mind be?
They must be positive and represent something good. Never use suggestions like "I'm going to learn to bungee-jump no matter how scared I am". This will only make you even more scared. So cleanse out all negative words when you formulate your suggestions and substitute them with positive words like "I really look forward to bungee-jump and thus have the fantastic feeling of freedom when I fly in the air."
The suggestions you formulate must be easy to remember. Let's say you want to communicate better with other people, then for example you can make a suggestion like, "I am a damn good communicator." Now, write it down and then add all the reasons why you want to reach this goal plus what you expect will happen when you reach it. Each time you repeat the statement, visualize that you succeed to strengthen the message in your sub-conscious mind. It's also important that the suggestions you make are short, direct and specific like "I will only eat healthy food".
When you perform your self hypnosis sessions make sure you are not disturbed. Disconnect the phone, lock the doors and make yourself comfortable. You might lay on a bed or sit on a chair with straight back.
Focus your attention on a point slightly above your eye level
Take a few deep breaths while you repeat the word "relax" for yourself
When you breath out imagine that you're getting rid of all the bad air that have caused all the trouble inside you and that you substitute it with the fresh air you breath in
Close your eyes and try to focus on a few (3 to 5) sounds you can hear like water running in the pipeline, the wind that blows outside, the rain tapping on the roof etc. Also be aware of what you feel for the moment like the temperature of your skin, the weight of your body against the chair or bed etc.
Start the descent to your subconscious mind by imagining that you are walking down a ten step spiral staircase to a beautiful garden which awaits at the end of your descent. For each step you take you have to pass layers of clouds and you feel more and more relaxed and all your worries are gradually leaving you. When you dismount the last step, you put your foot on a green lawn which have a glow on it from the rays of the sun.
You should now be sufficiently relaxed to start the repetition of your suggestions or statements to your subconscious mind. Repeat each suggestion three times with a short break in between. When you're finished with your suggestions, imagine that you slowly climb back to the top of the staircase.
Now the self hypnotic session is over and you are back in your ordinary state of mind.
Try it out. If you feel that hypnosis can help you accomplish whichever goal you have, redo it and make it a regular practice for your own self improvement.
Terje Brooks Ellingsen is a writer and internet publisher. He runs the website 1st-Self_Improvement.net. Terje is a Sociologist who enjoys contributing to the personal growth and happiness of others. He tries to accomplish this by writing about self help issues from his own experience and knowledge. For example, hypnosis and other self improvement methods as well as developing higher self esteem.
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Get Rid of Jealousy with Hypnosis

Do you find yourself sneakily checking your partner’s phone or mail? Are you forever questioning your loved one on their whereabouts, even if they have just been to the local shop? Do you find yourself tormented by thoughts of your lover with someone else? Well if you do then you will understand just how savage your jealousy can be towards your relationship and how it can take its toll on your partner as well as yourself. Jealousy and insecurity are two massive problems facing our modern day culture and if you are a victim then you are not alone as they are two of the biggest reasons for relationship break-ups and divorce today!
Hello I am hypnotherapist and author of Self Change Hypnosis, Richard MacKenzie and for the past several years I have helped thousands of couples with overcoming jealousy, both through my private hypnotherapy practice and through my products and book. When I first approach the topic of using hypnosis to combat jealousy, people seem a bit puzzled; however it is the ‘common-sense’ approach – what with its speed and efficiency. In fact these same people are very often amazed when they get the results that they yearn for.
While in Hypnosis you will learn to ultimately re-program the part of the brain that is referred to as your sub- conscious or un-conscious mind. This is where the habit and behaviour of jealousy are, so therefore it is the best place to start. After this you can use hypnosis to begin to work on your overall confidence and self esteem levels which will really work for you to get you some great results. Just imagine what life would be like if your jealousy disappeared – How great would your relationship be? How much more secure would you feel, knowing your can accept the wholehearted love of your partner without being suspicious?
If you could achieve all this right now… would you?
Well if you really want help and you desire to get your jealousy sorted then hypnosis or hypnotherapy is just the right thing for you. I recommend that you start with a hypnosis download, recording or seek out your local hypnotherapist who will be more than happy to help you out.
Remember – you are not alone. Thousands of people out there today are in the same boat; however you’re the one reading this so you have a chance to escape your jealousy forever.
Best of luck!
Richard is an expert in dealing with jealousy and helping couples and individuals in overcoming jealousy.
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Hypnosis Gives You That Burst Of Mental Energy To Succeed On The Field

From elite athletes to Sunday joggers, the ability to maintain energy levels and drive to succeed can wax and wane on a regular basis. Training schedules reflect goals and plans. A marathon schedule, for example, often contains several types of runs. During the week interval training takes precedence when time is limited. At the weekend, long runs are a key element of marathon training and can take from two to three hours at a time. In order to remain motivated, the mind and body must be aligned in order to make it out the door.
An athlete can perfect their diet. You can utilize calories in and calories out. Protein bars, energy drinks, these are all ways one can improve and boost energy levels. However, the mental element of finding the way to achieving maximum energy and performance is often the toughest aspect.
Getting a good night sleep, resting, and hypnosis are three tools that can maximize mental performance before a marathon, big match, or any type of event which demands your maximum physical and mental performance. Hypnosis and the power of suggestion can optimise performance.
During a typical hypnosis session the athlete might receive suggestions that vary from increasing concentration amidst distraction to focusing on allowing muscles and ligaments to remain healthy and injury free. NLP, or Neuro-linguistic programming, has been shown to help motivation levels and thus keep energy levels high. Hypnosis and NLP reach the subconscious; they work against all of the negative energy that might be limiting.
Hypnosis and NLP has worked wonders with both individuals and teams. In team atmospheres, hypnosis can help to make teamwork even more effective as team members become more self-aware and thus more aware of others.
Athletes who have experienced hypnosis describe their post-hypnosis training sessions and competitions as more focused, more productive, and more invigorated. These feelings aren’t just experienced directly after the hypnosis session, but long into the future, with some maintenance work on breathing and self-hypnosis.
Some of the top athletes in the world use NLP and hypnosis to achieve maximum performance. Golfer Tiger Woods uses the technique to remain focused in competition. Tennis champion Jimmy Conners reportedly used hypnosis before some of his biggest matches.
Well-reputed licensed hypnotist Terry Doherty offers athletes custom developed hypnosis and NLP to help reach and achieve their goals. Terry has helped both teams and individuals improve their attention span and concentration through the power of suggestion, relaxation, and focus. Travelling directly to the homes and gyms of athletes, Terry has worked throughout Great Britain and Europe.
Terry Doherty works all over the UK working extensively with individual and business clients helping clients to stop smoking, manage weight, manage stress, become more cofident and helping change many other issues. Terry uses the latest techniques of hypnosis, NLP and life coaching skills for profound change. He can be reached at http://www.mind-works.co.uk and his stop smoking page is http://www..mind-works.co.uk/clientPages.php?id=1
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