Benefits of Hypnosis

What are the benefits of hypnosis: to the individual, family and society as a whole? And, how can you make hypnosis work for you?
Other than providing a novel, fascinating experience, what can we gain from hypnosis?
These are some of the queries that comes up in a novice's mind when he/she enters the exciting world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
The answer is simple and straightforward:
Hypnosis can be put into use to improve one's general well being and functioning so that one feels better both physically and mentally.
Some of the common frequently asked questions on hypnosis (by the subject to the hypnotherapist) are:
What can hypnosis do to me?
When I am in a trance, can you make me do things that are silly, like barking like a dog or crying like a baby?
Can you make me do something against my will, like pickpocket someone or kiss a stranger?
Will I reveal my innermost secrets that I have never revealed to any one before?
Will I get stuck in one position and never come out of the trance?
Could I harm myself or someone during the trance?All these doubts are based on the basic distrust that the individual has against hypnosis and the prevailing myths about hypnosis.
Make Hypnosis Work for You
The fact is that during hypnotic trance, no one can make you act against your own moral and social values and acceptable patterns of behavior. That is, unless you want to, you cannot be manipulated against your will!
It is important to understand that even during deep trance, you remain conscious and under control. The hypnotist only makes you act according to the dictum of your own conscious and subconscious. You can terminate the trance state any time you feel like.
Even if you are left in trance state by the hypnotist or a hypnotic tape, you would either return to normal wakeful state on your own, or enter a natural sleep and wake up feeling fresh and energetic. In the centuries old history of hypnosis there has never been any incident of an individual remaining 'under hypnotic trance' for prolonged period of time.
Now that you know that hypnosis is a safe tools, let us explore the most beneficial ways in which it can be put into positive use.
Benefits of hypnosis can be categorized under the following headings:
Create a sense of general well being
Reduce Stress and anxiety
Reduce pain associated with diseases or surgical procedures
Produce anesthesia through suggestion
Control or cure psychosomatic diseases
Control physical functions like heart rate, increased sweating or bleeding
Increase mental powers: memory, confidence, learning capacity & concentration.
Get rid of phobias and unwanted negative feelings.
Get rid of bad and unhealthy habits: bulimia, anorexia nervosa, smoking, personality traits etc.
In addition to these, lots of avenues for the use of hypnosis in medicine is also being explored.
To put it in a nut shell, if we use hypnosis properly, its benefits are astronomical for the society in general and the individual in particular.
Dr. Hanish Babu, MD is a Dermato-Venereologist, Author, Stress Management Trainer and Hypnotherapist. He uses hypnosis to effectively manage stress and psychosomatic diseases in his medical practice.To learn more about how hypnosis can be beneficial, visit Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy pages by Dr. Hanish Babu.
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Christopher Adams said...

Well have you ever read a book, and felt emotions from reading that book. I’m sure you have, would you ever say those emotions where as a result of black ink on white paper? No of course not, they were a result of you using your imagination, bringing the story and characters to life in your mind. Well that’s exactly what hypnosis is, using the power of your imagination to create biochemical changes within you. What are biochemicals? Well they’re emotions. Let me give you a quick example… Example of how hypnosis creates change within you I want you to imagine that you are in your kitchen, imagine that you walk over to the fridge and pretend to open it in your mind. Then imagine you see a bowl of big juicy yellow lemons. Imagine grabbing one with your hand and taking it out of the fridge. Imagine that it’s yellow rind feels cold and waxy in your hand. Then imagine taking a knife and cutting into it, the fibers of the lemon tearing and the juices squeezing out. And then for a moment close your eyes imagine taking that juicy yellow lemon and biting deep into it. Then notice the saliva in your mouth. It increased didn’t it! And what’s saliva? It’s a biochemical. I know it’s just a small and common biochemical, but by using your imagination we created a biochemical change within you. And that’s how hypnosis works. During hypnosis, we use your imagination to create the exact emotional and biochemical changes within you to create the change that you want in your life at an unconscious level.