Is Hypnosis Fact or Fiction

Close your eyes for a minute and go back in time. Not just a few years but a few hundred years. Look around the town. What clothes are people wearing? What are they eating? Which animals are with them? Are they singing?
Did this little exercise fill your mind up with images of the past? Do you see how quickly you can experience another world? Is this similar to hypnosis? The answer is yes!
An hypnotic trance is a state of rest, keen imagination and suggestibility. It is often compared to daydreaming or the sensation of losing yourself in a movie or a good book. You are not really asleep but are instead fully conscious while tuning out much of what surrounds you. You are so deeply focused on a subject that you practically forget everything else.
The understanding of hypnosis has advanced during the last century yet still remains a bit of a mystery. Luckily, images of a bearded wizard waving a watch in front of your nose is mostly a thing of the past.
To understand hypnosis, we first need to understand how our minds work. Normally we are aware of the thought processes in the conscious part of our mind. This allows us to respond to the situations that are in front of us. Your conscious mind helps you decide what to say, it helps you find where you put your keys, it tells you to go to the store. The conscious mind controls your inhibitions. Continually, your conscious mind is working closely with your unconscious mind, which is doing the thinking behind the scenes.
Your subconscious mind accesses the huge quantity of information you have accumulated during your lifetime . It helps you solve problems, make sentences, design plans. It communicates these ideas with your conscious mind all the time. When you think you came up with an “idea out of the blue” it is because you already figured it out in your subconscious. Your subconscious also allows you to do things automatically. You don’t spend all day thinking “Breathe” and yet you keep breathing. You aren’t aware of everything involved in driving a car, you do most of it automatically. Basically, your subconscious is the brains behind the operation. When you are awake, your conscious mind evaluates a lot of your thoughts, makes decisions, and puts certain ideas into action. But when you are asleep, the conscious mind gets out of the way and lets your subconscious take over.
Hypnosis is a method of deep relaxation and focus that facilitates communication with the subconscious part of your brain. The conscious is the main part of the inhibitive part of your mind. The subconscious controls your imagination, impulses and is the keeper of all of your memories. When you have access to the subconscious you can make life changing events occur. It has been particularly effective when it comes to breaking old habits such as smoking, getting rid of irrational fears and phobias. Hypnosis is a mesmerizing subject with a great deal of power and potential. We should never underestimate the subconscious in our mind.
I have been fascinated with hypnosis and its power ever since I was first introduced to it 20 years ago.
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